Famous people supporting the Libre Graphics Meeting

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Support the Libre Graphics Meeting and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

…well, for some definition of famous (and certainly mine).

Without wanting to play favourites (I love all our donors) here are some names that stood out when I was reading through the donors list earlier: Michael Tiemann of OSI and Red Hat, Bdale Garbee, everyone’s favourite gentle giant from SPI and HP, Garrett Lesage and Andreas Nilssen from the Tango project and more, Stephen O’Grady of RedMonk, Ilan Rabinovitch, chief bottle-washer of SCALE, Nicolas Spalinger of the Open Font Project, Chris Messina, the man behind the original incarnation of SpreadFirefox, John Bintz, who gave a great presentation last year on using the GIMP and Inkscape for comic drawing, Andy Fitzsimon, Aussie artist & Inkscaper extraordinaire, Louis Desjardins, last year’s organiser, Eric Sink, future GUADEC keynoter and co-founder of AbiSource, Adam Sweet from the LUGRadio crowd (where are the rest of ye, lads?), Steven Garrity of SilverOrange, best known for his work on GNOME and Firefox, Mark Wielaard of Classpath, and the rocking Jon Phillips of Creative Commons and Inkscape.

Modestly forbids me from mentioning myself (damn!).

If you’ve been holding out until the last minute, notice is served – we are now closing in fast on $10,000 raised, and the campaign ends tomorrow at midnight, PST. I am hoping that we will reach $12,000, which would be a great achievement, even if it does fall short of the original $20,000 goal. To that end, I’ve just changed the campaign goal to be more realistic – let’s see if we can get $2,000 more in the remaining 36 hours.

Update: Jealous of all the attention other famous people were getting, the very famous Vincent Untz jumped in and pushed us over the magical $10,000 level last night. That was quickly followed by donations from the famous Behdad Esfahbod and the famous Paul Cooper. And I don’t know how I failed to mention a friend from ILUG, Padraig Brady, also famous in his own right. Thanks guys! Keep ’em coming!

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