Gathering Gran Canaria press and feedback, gnome, guadec No Comments

I have been bookmarking Gran Canaria Desktop Summit blogs, articles, photos and more today, and I could definitely use some help (help!).

So, here’s what I have:

  • Tag all GCDS related webpages as gcds
  • Tag pages related to specific presentations with presentation and talk (slides or video or presentation description inline)
  • Tag blog entries as blog
  • Tag photo pages as photos
  • Tag news articles (outside press, including slashdot for example) as press
  • Tag non-English articles with the language they’re written in
  • Optionally tag GNOME specific content with guadec gnome
  • Optionally tag KDE specific content with akademy kde

This way, we can find all of the GCDS related press, GCDS related blogs, GCDS photos and so on, as well as having one big bucket of GCDS related content. There are hundreds of blog entries, and I didn’t get them all. So as an easy first step, if you blogged about your presentation, put up a photo set, spot an article about the conference (in any language) or blogged about the conference in general, please tag your content in delicious. It makes it easier to filter everything and get an idea of the buzz created, generate publicity for future conferences, and a ton of other good stuff.