GTK Win32 Cross-compile doc update

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To anyone who is using my GTK cross-compile docs, there is a small update. The gtk.immodules file was incorrect and has been fixed. Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Note for catching this and reporting it.

Update to GTK on Win32

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Brad Taylor and I have been working on getting GTK to cross-compile for Win32 on his system also. We found a couple places where my process only worked for my system but we fixed them and I’ve updated my docs so that hopefully anyone can reproduce this.

I’ve posted my instructions online now, because a number of people contacted me after my last post about this and were interested in building GTK for Win32 also. So, I would like to hear from people and find out if this worked for others. If you have problems with it on your system and find a solution, I can add that to the docs.

I also want to move this over to sometime. That seems like a more appropriate place for it. I’ll try to do that later this week.

Once again, a big thanks to Tor Lillqvist and everyone on #gtk+ who helped me with getting this stuff going.

Building GTK on Win32

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So I sat down and invested some time into building GTK 2.10 on Windows today, with help from Tor. I think Tor usually builds it on Windows using MSYS or Cygwin or something, but I managed to cross-compile from Linux and it seemed to sort of work.

There isn’t really any good and up-to-date documentation online for how to build GTK on Win32, so I made a log of every step of my process so that this can (hopefully) be reproduced by others. We’re never going to get any of the Win32-related bugs fixed if nobody can build it. :) So my next step is to start over from scratch in a different target directory and turn my log into something more concise (there are a lot of trial and error steps in my log where something didn’t work and I had to go back and try something else). And there are a few steps where I had to hack configure scripts directly, and I’d like to be able to figure out real solutions to those steps.

Sinfonia Concertante

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So I went to tonight’s (Saturday’s) Fort Worth Symphony concert because it included the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante with violist Roberto Diaz. It was very good, and I was happy I went. This was actually my first time to hear a live performance of that piece with orchestra (the only other time I think I have ever heard it live was when a couple Peabody students played it).

So the violinist in this concert was someone named James Ehnes, who I had never heard of before. I thought he was pretty good but his interpretation was pretty stiff. He played all the
notes and everything, but it lacked a lot of musicality I thought.

Roberto, on the other hand, was very expressive. His rhythm was not rigid, and he was very lively and energetic. My only complaint about the performance in general was that I felt like the first two movements were far too fast, and Roberto seemed to be pushing it somewhat. I’m not sure if that is entirely true, but of the two soloists I felt that he was sort of the one in control. I also thought the last movement seemed ever so slightly too fast, but it’s marked presto so I guess you can go as fast as you want. I wouldn’t say it felt out of control or anything, it just felt hurried.

Still, this was a very nice performance and I am certainly glad that I went to it. I think today was the only day that they were playing this program, otherwise I probably would have gone to hear them tomorrow as well.


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So I went out to California the last two weeks to start my new job, and I got to finally meet Cesar from #mono. Anthony Taranto, Peter Johanson, and Brad Taylor also work there. It was a really fun trip, everyone was fun. I almost went to see SoaP with the rest of the company, but my plane left too early on Friday so I missed out.

Viola "del Crocifisso"

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I was listening to Luigi Alberto Bianchi’s recording of the Paganini viola sonata a few days ago, and decided to Google his viola, the 1595 Brothers Amati “del Crocifisso”. It was stolen in 1980 and as far as I knew never recovered, but I was surprised to find an article from April that claimed the instrument was recovered in Milan, about 26 years after it was lost.

Kasia’s bow

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So, Special K has ordered her bow from Thomachot now and she wanted to have it made very much like mine. So she asked him if he can make it the same weight as mine, but I guess he doesn’t have all the measurements of my bow on record so she asked if I could send her the
weight of the bow. I pulled out a little measuring scale from the kitchen and it said the bow is 70g. But that scale isn’t very accurate, and the little markers on it go to the nearest 5g. I just measured it with that out of curiosity. But today I went back to Arlington and took the bow to Mike Sherriff, a bow maker there, because he has a scale that measures to 0.1g accuracy.. and it turned out that the bow was 70.0g. Go figure. :)


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So I just found out from Yi-Ping today that György Ligeti died in Vienna last Monday, on June 12. I had just been sitting around talking to Amirosh and Dr. Walters about Ligeti and his music sometime last week, when Amirosh asked if he was still alive. Dr. Walters and I both said he was, although he has been sick for a long time so we thought he may not live much longer. But it turned out by that time we were already wrong.

I really like Ligeti’s viola sonata, although it’s way too difficult for me to attempt to play any time soon. But I can still listen to it and enjoy it. I have heard some of his chamber music as well, and really enjoyed it a lot.

Upgrading to Dapper

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I’ve been running on Ubuntu Dapper for quite a long time now, and my mom has been using the previous version, the Breezy Badger. So I figured since the official 6.06 release is final, I’d upgrade her machine to Dapper.

I ran into a little bit of a hiccup, and it seems that somewhere along the way her Python 2.4 install had been corrupted. Since stuff like that doesn’t usually “just happen” I filed a bug report on Ubuntu’s Launchpad. It was fixable without too much trouble, by just manually installing the latest python24 package from Dapper. After that the upgrade finished without a problem.

Nobody else has run into this issue that I’m aware of, which is very peculiar. I got a response from one of the Ubuntu hackers trying to get some more information, but by that time I had already forced the upgrade of python24 so it was too late.

Dapper is released!

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Exciting news today, Ubuntu has unleashed the Dapper Drake!

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