Getting a name

The plan I’ve briefly talked about in other ocassions (more details in the wiki) is getting a good shape, now I have a dbus-ified backend object for the shares list [1] and a library that allows just doing:

main (int argc, char *argv[]))
  GMainLoop  *loop;
  StbSession *session;
  StbObject  *shares_list;

g_type_init ();

session = stb_session_new (); shares_list = stb_shares_list_new (session);

g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (shares_list), "changed", G_CALLBACK (foo), NULL);

... }

just to get a list of shared folders, sadly the hardest part right now is being to get a good name before creating a CVS module (libSTB isn’t neither nice nor descriptive), so I brought up the issue in the #gst channel and some ideas for the name came up:

  • BackWrap (from Backends Wrapper)
  • GarBack (something about my back? I swear I didn’t tell it! :)
  • LibNacho (again my surname got mixed, but this name is tasty)
  • GoBack (GObject backends?)
  • LibOObs (Object Oriented backends system)

Honestly, I have to admit that I like the last one, it’s fun and descriptive, and I don’t get disturbed if I read “boobs” somewhere (nor to touch them, if the carrier allows me to do so), but people may find it offending [2], so I guess that I’ll have to keep thinking in a name and fall back on this one if I don’t find anything better… any suggestion? :)

[1] Of course, in an experimental branch
[2] remember the “pair of testicles” issue?

Other GNOME stuff

both Guadec-ES and Guadec are getting nearer, I’m impatient :)


It seems to be a good season for Heavy rock concerts in Madrid/Spain!, I’ve already got tickets for Porcupine tree + Anathema, Soul Sirkus, and Lorca rock Festival (in Murcia, featuring Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Running wild and others), I’m missing another good music festival in favour of Guadec, and had to refund the In extremo ticket, due to their concert being cancelled…

Congrats to Jeff and Pia!