Finally had time to apply NotZed’s suggestions (Thanks!) to the small evo plugin I wrote to remove duplicates, and as of evo 2.3.2, plugins can be compiled independently, eliminating the need of patching evo sources, really good stuff :)

IMHO, the next great step would be to create a small repository for plugins (i.e.: a evolution-plugins-extras VCS module), cluttering evo sources with plugins that will be barely used might not be very desirable, and OTOH cluttering the CVS with small software pieces like this would be crazy.

So, while I don’t know where to put the thingy, the code is here. Enjoy!

Kudos to evolution developers

It’s all I have to say, they have created an excellent development platform with e-d-s and the plugins stuff:

The other day, while evo was downloading mail, I managed to break download operation, leaving me with about 1000 duplicated mails. Thanks to the cool work of the evo people, making a plugin for removing duplicated mails has surely taken me less time than removing the mails by hand (the code is barely 100 lines). There are still some issues to sort out, but they’re mostly ui-wise.

You can get the code and the glue patch with evo here.