Pacing deserted roads to find a seed of hope


Said and done, I’m leaving my job in a couple of weeks.


Quite fun overall again, lots of friends came to see us and it seems they’ve enjoyed too (unless they lied to us! ;).

/me singing (badly), Merche to the right

Merche and I again

Merche, David at the drums and Kike at the bass guitar

Too bad that there isn’t any good photo of Felix (the other guitarrist)!

BTW, Ploum, thanks a lot for the feedback and for the links! I’ll have to search more sites like these :).

Ready to break through the prison wall

Hmm, 7 months without posting, I’m beating all records…


Work-wise, sucking, I badly need a break, and I think I’ll take it soon.

Besides that, since last post I joined a music band [1], recorded a demo and played once in concert, which was actually really really fun, I loved the experience :).

In fact, we’re playing again this saturday (4th Feb), so if you live anywhere near Madrid, don’t forget to drop here!

[1] Spanish only ATM (sorry) and missing a recent/decent photo, that one is with the former guitarrist…

GNOME and hacking stuff

I haven’t been giving much love to the gnome system tools lately, unsurprisingly, I missed the schedule for including all the features I wanted for 2.14 (mainly liboobs, with improved communication, error control, etc…), but there were much progress in this and I hope to see it in 2.16.

Instead, during the last months I’ve been focusing mainly in GtkAssistant (now in CVS! sweet!) and in GtkNotebook drag and drop support (still ongoing, but progressing nicely), it’s been very entertaining and instructive.