(Post) Guadec hack

No! this isn’t another “added tabs to $APP” [1], Instead I decided to spend my hacking time on getting MPX work with GTK+. Surprisingly, gdk is 99% prepared to handle multiple pointers, so besides adding support there for the new XInput method to handle device grabs, most of the remaining work should just be focused on making GtkWidgets deal sanely with multiple pointers (madness awaits there…). Here’s a “screencast” of my proof app, apologies for the quality, trying to record and use both the nipple thingy and the touchpad isn’t quite easy :)

GTK+ getting along with MPX

Also, I’ve spent one extra week in Istanbul and surroundings with Mitch and Pia, It has proven to be a really beautiful place full of life, returning to Turkey is a must.

The Marmara sea from Büyükada coast

[1] You caught me guys :), I was seriously concerned about your sanity for a while

Update: In case it isn’t clear, the patch isn’t really far from the “evil hack” state, I’ll just submit it to bugzilla as soon as there’s some reasonable base work in which other smaller patches can be developed incrementally.