heh, It wan’t voodoo, blame glibc streams working with non-blocking descriptors :)


I completely understand to Carlos Perelló, even having contracted my ADSL connection with another company, because of Telefonica I’ve been without internet for two days, all this after being a whole week without phone (the fixed one thing and broke the other). Communications in Spain really suck

Apart from this, work and exams, life is hard


man, I hate when I cannot reproduce one bug that seems to happen to other people too… Teo isn’t even able to reproduce it in another machine than the one in which the bug was reported. Voodoo? dunno

Today I’ve waken up and faced another terrible new. Mark, dude, you’ll be dearly missed by a lot of people, your illusion working on things and your great feedback were enviable, rest in peace.

Memento moris, carpe diem

So it’s 2004, nice year to begin a blog and annoy the world spreading some of my sillyness :)