Christmas Gifts: Much Joy :)

Christmas yielded For Musicians Only by Dizzie All Star Big G Gillespie and friends, and The Man Without Qualities (Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften) by Robert Musil, as well as a book on public speaking which is an excellent reference for giving talks. The kind of book you need when holding exercises at universities.

I recently found out that I also love popular swing, in particular Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen which has an interesting history. I’ve just heard the Benny Goodman’s Carnegie Hall Performance, and I find the melody amazing :). I’ve never before heard a trumpet that is played like a Clarinet.

It is great to see how large the spectrum of Klezmer-influenced music is, there are so many great performers like Giora Feidman. The Clarinet is really one of my favourite instruments!

Oh, dear lazyweb: Does anybody of you know whether John Philip Souza also made “operatic” music? I love “The Stars and Stripes Forever”, but listening through some CDs was a bit disappointing since most what I heard was very militaristic and not really virtuosic.

The Joy of Hacking

After quite some time without any GNOME code contribution, I invested a few dozen hours again and worked on the following issues:

* Fix stupid GnomeVFS crash due to lack of retval initialization (#381119)
* Cook up (not yet published) patch for having date-based axes (for charting your stocks) in Gnumeric/GOffice graphs, which made me
* Enable GOffice/libgsf XML (de)serialization of object properties whose types are derived from G_TYPE_ENUM, G_TYPE_FLAGS (#380396)
* Enable correct translation of Gnumeric functions (not yet reviewed) (#381564)

Conclusion: Hacking is fun, especially when you have to deal with many layers of a software stack! :)