nautilus-open-terminal release

nautilus-open-terminal 0.9 has been released. Get it! It has GIO support, and auto-detects the remote shell for SFTP terminals. Thanks to Alex Larsson and Wouter Bolsterlee!

This release is dedicated to Telltale Games, creator of the “Sam and Max” episode games series, a sequel to the infamous “Sam and Max – Hit the Road” point & click adventure

I’d also like to thank all the nautilus-open-terminal translators, but I seem to be to stupid to insert a well-formated monospace excerpt from the NEWS file here, that is not destroyed by the (otherwise impressive) WordPress layout engine.

New column-wise Nautilus view, User data backup & replay

Yesterday, I put together a new column-wise view for Nautilus. Here is a screenshot:


The patchset has been submitted to nautilus-list. I’d appreciate any testing and feedback.

Update: I was asked if it’s possible to reduce the column width. Yes it is: You just have to select the tight layout option, although it’s shared with the traditional icon view ATM. Here is another screenshot:

Screenshot 2

Maybe it is a good idea to let the user pick the desired maximum column width, maybe by introducing a drag handle at the left edge of the 2nd column. We could also make this a per-folder option.

Comments appreciated.

In other news, I wonder whether we have any nice backup & user data replay solutions. Of course there is rsync and plain ol’ cp, but assuming one wants to migrate between systems where a different user name is used, it is very desirable to have user data that does not contain absolute paths, and does not contain any $USERNAME, but just raw data and preferences.