“Compact View” has landed in Nautilus trunk.

Manny: you should totally blog this, I’ve been waiting for this kind of view for a long time

OK, official announcement: Yesterday I merged the “Compact View” into Nautilus trunk (which will become Nautilus 2.24). You may have read my blog entry about the view back in February.

It mostly works like the column-wise view of Windows Explorer, but it has more bugs. For instance, under some mysterious conditions the window sometimes constantly re-calculates its size. This bug could be observed very seldom with the “Icon View”, which uses the same infrastructure.

Oh, and it has a preference for toggling whether the column width is determined separately for each column. Otherwise, we use the same width for all columns displayed in a view. We probably still need some fine-tuning for satisfying at least 95% of the users, but it is a good start.

Obligatory screenshot, with variable column width:

“Compact View” (variable column width)

Oh, and we are working like mad to fix the regressions due to the GVFS migration. However, hail to GVFS and Alex Larsson. GVFS is just cute. You should all fanboy GVFS! And of course use it in your applications… .

In simliar news, we really need more manpower at Nautilus and GVFS. Cosimo Cechi, A. Walton and Paolo Borelli (Nautilus), and Christian Kellner and Benjamin Otte (GVFS) all do a great development job, but as all big projects there are so many tiny glitches and issues, you just have to help us.

As a start, compile a list of 3-5 (Nautilus or GNOME) issues that are totally cumbersome and fix them, or help us to fix them! :)