I need a helping hand: Make Nautilus tabs a joy for users! :)

This is a message to all the people who want to get involved with GNOME/Nautilus development, and do something useful! :)

As of writing, I am the only active Nautilus maintainer, and I am totally running out of time due to my studies. I’ll have a high frequency engineering exam on Wednesday, and it’s getting worse due to various time-consuming activities in my spare time.

Therefore, I am looking for an interested hacker who wants to finish my work on Nautilus user interface tab support (“multiview” branch). You should make sure that all the keybindings and mouse interaction patterns are consistent with Epiphany, and that the overall user experience is flawless.

You should have good communication skills since you would work with the usability team on a GNOME-wide policy for tabbed applications (i.e. keyboard and mouse interaction), and make sure that Epiphany, Nautilus, gedit and gnome-terminal behave accordingly.

Do some hacking for hugs and fame! :)

Update: Jareed Moore volunteered, and already published an analysis of the keybindings and mouse interaction shortcomings. Feel free to add any issues you find.