NetworkManager 0.6.6 rc2

I’ve just rolled NetworkManager 0.6.6 rc2 (ie,  Grab hot, fresh, tasty tarballs tarballs tarballs.  Stuff you’ll like in 0.6.6:

  • A connection editor, available from the right-click menu of the GNOME applet
  • Handles weird SSIDs like “http://myhouse” nicely
  • Wired 802.1x support!
  • VPN connections terminate when you log out
  • Scanning is more responsive
  • Better handling of hidden SSIDs in conjunction with the ‘scan capability’ kernel patch
  • Many bug and leak fixes

Thanks go to many people, but more thanks go to Tambet Ingo than just about anybody else.  Barring major bugs, NetworkManager 0.6.6 will be released next week.

Now that 0.6.6 is almost wrapped up, we’ll keep rocking on 0.7, filling in the missing pieces and bringing seamless networking to the masses.