You will upgrade to NetworkManager 0.7.1


It’s awesome.  This guy loves it.  So does your mom since I installed it on her laptop last night.  That means you’ll love it too.

NetworkManager nm-applet NetworkManager-vpnc NetworkManager-openvpn NetworkManager-pptp NetworkManager-openconnect

Tons of bugs fixed and new features implemented due to popular demand.

  • Support for more mobile broadband devices and phones
  • Plays better with stupid wifi and ethernet drivers
  • Support for rfc3442 classless static routes
  • The default “Auto eth0” connection is now read/write
  • Compatibility fixes for 802.1x PEAP authentication and 3G/PPP connections
  • Reduced wakeups for power saving awesomeness
  • Ability to deny specific devices the default route
  • More correct display of wifi signal strength
  • Custom IPv4 settings for mobile broadband connections
  • More informative display of network device state
  • Less annoying password behavior in the vpnc plugin
  • OpenVPN HMAC authentication and IP configuration fixes

This release fixes more than 50 bugs, including 17 from Fedora, 22 from GNOME, 6 from Ubuntu, and 3 from Debian.  Packages are already in updates-testing for Fedora.  If you don’t use Fedora, and your distro doesn’t have 0.7.1 soon, then you need to harrass them until they get it 🙂