Fedora 11 is out!!!!1111

There’s waaaay too much awesome going on in the Fedora community right now.  I mean it.  A TON.  So much it hurts.

If you don't run Fedora 11 he'll eat you...
If you don't run Fedora 11 he'll eat you...

Fedora 11 released, community rejoices

It’s out, no secret.  Install it. Packed with over 50 rocking features like faster startup, automatic font installation, DeviceKit, lickable kernel modesetting for Intel, ATI, and NVIDIA, Firefox 3.5, Gnome 2.26, ext4, KDE 4.2… THE AWESOME DOES NOT STOP.

So much hard work from the Fedora community went into Fedora 11 to make your life better.  Mad props to the Fedora Artwork team too, the graphics in F11 are stunning.  I started at Red Hat in 2003 during the Fedora Core 1 cycle, and with every Fedora release it’s been a great pleasure to watch how the community continues to grow rapidly and contributes so much more each release.  Fedora has truly been a community project for years now, and Fedora 11 shows just how great the community can be when everyone pulls together.  People are awesome.  Which brings us to the next stage…


If you have the right tools, tools that help you do what you came to do and don’t get in your way.  And that’s what Fedora Community is; it’s the next step in helping people make a better Fedora. Building better software like Fedora only gets you so far; to keep getting better you need to make the people that make the software better.  That means giving the community the tools it needs to be more efficient, turn ideas into features, and collaborate more effectively.  Fedora Community helps fill that need.  It only gets better from here.

Time for a Stalinist purge
Time for a Stalinist purge

HAL is dead; all hail udev

Over the past few days I’ve exorcised HAL from NetworkManager’s ‘master’ branch.  Instead, we go bare-metal with libgudev.  cgit’s diffstat lies, here are the real numbers:

 86 files changed, 5244 insertions(+), 6755 deletions(-)

Net loss of 1511 lines of code.  Not bad for a few days’ work.  Besides killing HAL, this patch merges nm-system-settings into NetworkManager.  Why do you care?  Here’s why: fewer running processes, less latency, and cleaner internal code.  We just keep scaling up from here.  Next up: nm-applet and ModemManager.