The GNOME Documentation Project has 2 upcoming meetings this week:

  • Thursday, August 27th 13:00 UTC:  Community Meeting.  Community Meetings are open question and answer sessions where members of the Doc Team will be present to answer any question you might have.  Want to learn how to get involved?  What is Mallard?  What is the Doc Team doing for the upcoming GNOME 2.28 release?  Now is the time to come find out!
  • Sunday, August 30th 17:00 UTC:  Team Meeting.  The last Sunday of each month the Doc Team has a more formal team meeting to discuss current projects, goals, and future planning.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the status of the new Empathy help and decide on which tasks we should prioritize for the upcoming Gnome 2.28 release.

Meetings are held in the #docs channel on GIMPNet IRC.  See you there!