The Meeting Minutes and the IRC log from our meeting this past Sunday have been posted.

We discussed which documents are being worked on for the 2.30 cycle, incorporating accessibility documentation in to user documentation, and planning GNOME Games documentation updates.

The GNOME Games planning is interesting in that with Mallard and our vision of topic based support is how user help should be built into games.  We brainstormed the following topics that should be in each games’ help file:

  • Gameplay (Introduction)
  • Basic Gameplay and winning scenario
  • Strategy
  • Multiple pages if necessary
  • Multiplayer
  • Tips and Tricks

Note the topics: “Strategy”, “Basic Gameplay”, “Multiplayer” and “Tips and Tricks”.  This is what topic based help is all about!  Rather than writing help focused on how to start a game and the basic controls, we aim to provide users with the winning conditions for the games and the strategies behind them.

Our next meeting will be November 29th.  See you there!

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