Epiphany 2.21.4 “The case of Mr. Epifanio Navegared”

12:23 am Announcements

The first Epiphany release in the unstable development series has hit the FTP servers!
A lot has happened on the WebKit front, get all the facts from Xan

A lot of changes and bugfixes have accumulated before this release. Check the release announcement for details. Unfortunately, Epiphany-extensions isn’t in releaseable state yet because of the refactoring that has taken place in Epiphany.

A few highlights from the NEWS to whet your appetite:

  • Enable printing to PDF file on gecko 1.9
  • Add a preview for the FileChooser
  • Adds a column in the history window showing the date and the time of the visit
  • Add a “Remove all” button to the Personal Data Manager for both the cookies and the passwords.

The translation teams have been working hard to localize Epiphany. We currently have 60 languages that are supported (80% or more strings translated). Still there is some work to be done, especially the documentation translations are lagging behind. If you’d like to contribute but don’t know how, this could be a way to get involved! Drop by in the #i18n or #epiphany channel and we’ll get you started!

Last but not least, check out the totally wicked screenshot of Epiphany/WebKit with HTML 5 media support that Alp made:
Epiphany/WebKit with HTML5 media support

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