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Epiphany 2.26.3 has been released. It is the last version to support a Gecko back-end. This marks the end of an era.
Also, Xan Lopez has taken over Epiphany maintainership. We wish to thank Christian Persch for all his work through the years!

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  1. fabioamd87 Says:


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  3. Simon.T (from the PORTABLE FREEWARE collection) Says:


    great choice!

    I’m, at the moment, using Ubuntu 8.10

    My next upgrade would probably be Xubuntu (of maybe Fedora/XFCE ::
    more details:

    ok, ok… so when I’ll get Xubuntu (at the end of support for Ubuntu 8.10) there will be NO XUL (I’ll kill the bird and the fox), NO GECKO, NO MOZILLA (with this useless about:config… )!!!

    only Epiphany & Midori 😀

    Flashblocking with Epiphany & Midori (both work for both :S)

    !!! REVOLUTION !!!

  4. Simon.T (from TPFC) Says:

    Oh, sorry, I forgot!

    Believe it or not. but the only reason (ok well… ywo reasons) that keep me “away” from you (Epiphany) and Midory are:

    * 1st. a NoScript like
    * 2nd. a separate BOOKMARK MANAGER
    ** I REALLY LOVE this .rdf format (to keep my TAGGED/LABELED bookmarks in it. but still, IT ISN’T satisfied.

    What I really need (in addition to no script) to remove Firefox is a little application that has the ability to arrange my bookmarks (locally) and to have its own (…what some calling it…) “Awesome bar”, its own Tags/Labels interface (list or clouds – and to have an option in which web browser I’d (the user would) like to open it (like Liferea)

    I don’t like much to arrange my bookmarks in a web browser, just as I don’t like to arrange my RSS/ATOM (whatever) Feeds in a web browser (see Liferea – although, it has it own disadvantages, but it’s very good)

    I REALLY need this bookmark organizer!!!

    *** Who can vote for it with me?
    *** Who wants/needs it besides me?

    I REALLY need this bookmark organizer!!!

  5. frenchbigdog Says:

    So we count on epiphany-webkit with Gnome 2.28 later this year ?

  6. Tim Says:

    That is great.

    Finally you can step out of the shadow of the FF.

  7. reinouts Says:

    @frenchbigdog: we hope so, but it depends on whether or not Webkit-GTK is accepted as an external dependency for Gnome 2.28.

  8. Emilio Pozuelo Monfort Says:

    thanks chpe!

    And good luck to Xan and the rest of the Ephy team!

  9. Dan Says:

    Excellent news! it is a good thing to walk away from the XUL shadow. Congratulations and good job GNOME Web Browser team.

    Any chances we get support for HTML 5 video/audio tags in the near future?

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  12. fazul Says:

    Keep on the good work!

    The only remaining thing Epiphany needs to be perfect is a reliable and independent bookmark synchronisation tool (epilicious just does not work since delicious and magnolia are down).

  13. yahya Says:

    Debian sid / squeeze already has epiphany-webkit 2.27. I have been using it for two-three weeks now. It is quite fast and stable. Kudos! Only waiting for all the extensions to be ported over. Of course, adblock should be there. Something to sync bookmarks, (epilicious has been dysfunctional since the breakdown of ma.gnolia), live-http-headers was cool, also the lookup with intelligent bookmark extension for the context menu, and some other also.

    But at the same time, epiphany-webkit is still very young. Java doesn’t seem to work yet, which i.a. means that I cannot access my online banking with it. This certainly must be fixed before 2.28.

  14. yahya Says:

    Java must also be made working. I for one depend on it for my netbank. Currently it does not work, and certainly the extensions should be ported over. I am writing this using epiphany-webkit 2.27 on Debian Squeeze. It feels fast and stable, but still somewhat immature when it comes to plugins and the like. However I really look forward to a stable release!

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  19. DesignTools Says:

    JAVA and the possibility to SCALE the whole page (not only text) still not working yet on Web Browser 2.28.
    Some FLASH don’t start properly like on old Gecko.

  20. reinouts Says:

    Yes, we are aware that not all migration issues have been ironed out yet.

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