Stormy’s Update: Week of December 7th

Answered a lot of emails and had a lot of discussions. As for things I actually crossed off my todo list:

  • Updated CiviCRM requirements document with a few more process like the travel committee. Met with Dave Greenberg from CiviCRM. He gave me a lot of pointers on how to get started. I’ll be working on getting CiviCRM set up for the GNOME Foundation over the next couple of weeks.
  • Sent out email about the GNOME Foundation changing advisory board fees with the support of the advisory board.
  • Spoke to the Northern Colorado Linux User Group. Gave my “Would you do it again for free?” talk and had a very interesting and involved discussion. Someone from the first team I ever worked on at HP held up a “I heart ObAM” sign. ObAM is the user interface programming interface for HPUX tools. It sat on top of Motif when I first joined the team. (I actually had to read the sign twice to see that it said ObAM and not Obama which is a sign of how my world of acronyms and names has changed.)
  • Did all my expense reports for the last three trips. (I can’t believe people griped about the semi-automated HP/Amex system. I personally would love to have it now.)
  • Attended GNOME Board of Directors meeting.
  • Worked with Rosanna to invoice a couple of advisory board members, including one that is funding a new¬† program.
  • Had a meeting with Rosanna over IRC. Trying to help balance out her workload. (I’ve created a lot more work. Since I’ve joined we’ve had a lot more events, invoicing, new programs, more Friends of GNOME, etc.)
  • Had a great GNOME Advisory Board meeting about events and copyright assignments. The copyright assignment discussion in particular was very dynamic.
  • Published November Friends of GNOME data.

Focus for this week:

  • My goals. Finishing a draft we can share so everyone can comment.
  • CiviCRM. Getting it set up. Starting first with Board of Advisors information and then Friends of GNOME.