New host for the EU events boxen

In July 2005, Murray Cumming was on the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors and brought up the idea of an events box that would travel around Europe. At first, Murray took it upon himself to host the box personally, then through Openismus where Ekaterina Gerasimova helped out with the administration. But with the recent loss (and more recent recovery) of the events box, and its “replacement”, we now have two EU events boxes.

Murray felt that it was time to pass on the responsibility of hosting the box to another party, having hosted the box for more than 5 years in Berlin, Germany.

The GNOME Foundation is happy to say that Collabora, based in Cambridge, England, will be handling the box from then on.

If you’re participating in an event for which the GNOME events boxes could be useful, please get in touch with Dorée at Collabora. Full instructions are available on the website.

Many thanks to Openismus, and Murray and Ekaterina in particular, for hosting the events box, and many thanks to Collabora, Robert McQueen and Dorée Carrier for their help in hosting them now.

This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.