Announcing the new Friends of GNOME

FriendsIt is with great pleasure that I announce the newly updated Friends of GNOME program! Fruit of several discussions which culminated at a meeting during this year’s Boston Summit, the new page offers several new features and benefits for both current and prospect new supporters! Highlights worth mentioning are:

  • A completely FREE subscription to LWN for both current and new supporters!
  • A new Annual adoption plan that gives you a sweet 15% discount and the choice of receiving a cool t-shirt right away!
  • Donations done by US citizens are tax deductible too!
  • Receive a signed postcard from your favorite GNOME hacker!
  • Join our many Friends and let us tell the whole world about your support!

We have so much more to offer in the coming weeks too, so you’re sure to see some really great news and offers soon!

Remember that your generous support allows us to sponsor more events and get people together so that we can continue working on making GNOME a rock solid and pleasant environment for your systems!

Become a Friend of GNOME today or be a friend for some of your friends and surprise them this holiday with a subscription of their own!

This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.