What the national teams of Ecuador and Argentina done demonstrates that that old way to play soccer, playing the ball with affection, doing good passess, and attacking ever continues being the most attractive things in this sport. We still are waiting for Brasil, but i’m sure they’ll show what “jogo bonito” is. In Europe Spain is playing good, other teams don’t play to much, just run over the ball, long balls and defense. Looks for a good world cup for South Americans teams, let’s look if England, Germany, Holland, Italy and Czech Republic can improve their perfomance, playing not only to win 3 points but for making fun on the field.

BTW, what style of football we’ll play at FreeFA World Cup at GUADEC?

3 Responses to “The beloved and old South American football”

  1. aguafuertes Says:

    While I really like South American football, I’m sad to see that one of the most beautiful playing teams has just dropped out of the tournament: Ivory Coast undeservingly lost 1:2 to Holland. So let’s hope that Brasil will show some magic in the next games and compensate us for this loss!

  2. pedro Says:

    We’re gonna win the tournament that’s for sure.

  3. I find myself very desapointed with the level of football that is being played in the name of my country, Brasil I mean. Sure it has won both games, till now, and will probably win the next aggainst Japan, Zico after all can’t make miracles. But the selection is still far from what we expect from them.

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