GUADEC 2006, here i’m

June 24, 2006

Finally I am here, was a quite pleasant trip from Santiago to Madrid only 12 hours. On landing I didn’t find people going to GUADEC on terminal B, thus I decided to use one of the orange shirts from last conference and to go to take the train to Vilanova, the strategy worked good soon i found David and John there,

after making some questions we arrived to Vilanova, where we meet Luis and Enrique who were waiting for the bus,

was not much problem except for the quite long trip that makes the bus until its final destiny

Later we join other guys for Sangría and other nice food

Today i’m working in the Press room, my first task was to help Jossete with here Palet of books, a lot of boxes, she gave me a Python Cookbook copy for my help, so i’m very fortunate.

Finally a shot of the first people hacking here, this is just starting.