GUADEC has different moments, in some cases the great developers/rock stars have few opportunities to share with the rest of the assistants, for some people it is difficult to go and join them at a bar, or going at night to eat or drink where pro hackers go, some times is very expensive for people from Latin America spend 20 or 30 Euros at a day, so there’s no much chance to share and talk with the “big ones”.

Well for that reason we have partys/meetings like the Fluendo’s Beach Party last night, where everybody could be together without concerning the differences that can exist between pro and students, developed and undeveloped countries or whatever.

Thanks guys for making this possible, this is one of the reasons why GUADEC is awesome.

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  1. Rodrigo Moya Says:

    Yeah, this issue is very important. We need to try to have free food for everyone, at least for lunch, as we had in Copenhagen.

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