One week in Vilanova

June 30, 2006

I’ve been one week in Vilanova i la Geltru, I have had several visions of the culture of this side of Spain, nevertheless in general people are not as friendly as in other parts that I have visited (Madrid, A Coruña or Santiago), They bothers if you spoken to them in Castilian, so some times is better to do it in English, the amused thing of this is that although they do not have much esteem by the rest of the Spaniards but the celebrate the national football team. Anyway there’s people like Quim and other guys who really rocks, so I cannot generalize the situation.

Yesterday Murray show me Glom and some really nice features, this is one of the software that we really need on the desktop, even if it’s not too stable yet, looks promising. He mentioned that needs a tool to configure PostgreSQL for first time, even to install it if it’s not on the system, also to configure the service to accept TCP/IP and to create a new user on the database. Well this is a tool that i need for Gestor so i can hit two birds with one stone.

Today is the last day a UPC, not to much people here.