After GUADEC 2006

July 5, 2006

GUADEC 2006 was awesome, definitively the best thing in GNOME is its community. Kudos for all you guys.
On Saturday before taking the flight German and i go to Barcelona, there we could buy some stuff and gifts, the city is very pretty and have impressive places like the Sagrada Familia. I changed my feeling about the Catalans, luckyly people were much more pleasant here and that I want it to emphasize.

The flight back to Chile was not very comfortable, however i’m getting used to the 14 hours of trip so I did not have problems with that.
About the community, during the GUADEC I had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people about the experience of the users and developers group in GNOME Chile, From my point of view the local user groups are a resource who we must empower and use it since it is one of the sources that can bring more users to our project.
Therefore I hope to be able to initiate a discussion in the foundation’s mailing list to talk about this subject, the board is interested in this situation and for them will be very useful if the local groups give the necessary information about our activities and of as they can help us. Also we can share experiences about events and other activities

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  1. Ludovic Danigo Says:


    if you are going to start this conversation try to mention how wealthy the Ubuntu live CD has been for LUG to give to people to try (experience reported from my LUG in France) and how it is sad that with Dapper Live and Install are on the same medium (still from reported at my french lug) because they are no relectant to give it away : they tell that it is safe and nothing can be install by error.

    But that’s rather a Ubuntu thing (but it help spread th GNOME Desktop)

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