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August 4, 2006

In several talks at GNOME meetings people asked me about the use of PyGTK and Python for the development for enterprise software, of course we use it in Galilea S.A. as our devel platform. However even if python is an “easy language” some GTK+ Widgets don’t, for sample gtk.TreeView and the models like gtk.ListStore or gtk.TreeStore. On the other hand there are easy widgets like gtk.Entry, that doesn’t have all the functionalities that this type of software requires and must be programmed, for sample Masks for data editing like Phone Numbres or Date Entries, the same for Combos and Compĺetions, etc.

The guys from Async have been developing a framework called Kiwi, Johan talk about it at GUADEC 06

A small sample using Kiwi

win = gtk.Window()

win.set_title('gtk.Entry subclass')

def cb(window, event):

    print 'fields', widget.get_field_text()


win.connect('delete-event', cb)

widget = KiwiEntry()





The magical result:

Of course this is a small sample about what kiwi can do for you, the framework is designed to implement MVC in a easy way, reducing the amount of code necessary to make those tricks that your application need to looks professional and easy to use, and if you mix it with an ORM like SQLObject and Gazpacho Designer you can be fine and drink a bear, since everything will be easier.

If you’re looking arround to find the tool to make your life easier then give a try to Kiwi!

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  1. bit0 Says:

    Sure!, Kiwi is a real nice tool!.
    Mask will be implemented,look at:

    It’s gtk+-2.12 stuff ;)

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