GNOME Day at Chile

October 2, 2006

I have been enough time without saying something in my BLOG, honestly i have had much work at the Office as in the University. However the GNOME Chile team has been working hard to organize the GNOME Day next November 11 at Universidad Católica del Maule in Talca, thanks to the support of the GNOME Foundation Fernando Herrera will be here that week to shares and hack with us and to motivate our public.

The GNOME Day will be part of the Encuentro Nacional de Linux, our national linux gathering, a 3 day conference. Last day will be devoted to GNOME. Also we’ll have a stand on the conference with a hacking table where people will see GNOME in action, volunteers there will show the Desktop and Development Platform.

By now we have a Call of Paper to select the talks. Also we’re working on the logistic for the Stand, this afternoon i’ll have a meeting with Leoncio Jimenez, he’s in charge for the Logistic at the conference, i hope to define the place for the Stand and the requirements for our hacking table (Table, chairs, plugs, Wire and Wireless Network).

For the local people who wants to volunteer there is a wiki page where we’re organizing this stuff. Also we have regular meetings at #gnome-chile channel in every Thursday at 22:30 PM, so please go there and join us!