GNOME Day Campus

October 3, 2006

Yesterday had a meeting in the Universidad Católica del Maule to visit at the campus facilities where will be the GNOME Day. One of the rooms to use is Aula Magna, placed at Facultad de ingenieria:

We agree with the local team about the place for the GNOME Stand at the Hall and next to Aula Magna, the biggest room for the conference with 500 people capacity, so i hope to be placed in a good position to show GNOME to the public.

The table in the picture is one of the tables that we’ll use for hacking, demos and the stand.

The other building for the conference is Facultad de Medicina, about 100 mt. from Aula Magna,

there’s a small auditorium called Mons. Manuel Larrain with a capacity for 75 people:

The last facilities to check was one of labs in the Campus, there is one between those buildings with 50 desktops and local team at university will install ubuntu, so we’ll use it for our workshops.

Next Thursday 22:300 PM (local time) we’ll have the next meeting at #gnome-chile in, so please attend!, we need to define what kind of installation need for this lab (libs, devel, etc.), and of course check that other stuff is running smooth.