In Chile Nokia only sells mobile phones, so they are not interested in helping us to make publicity for the GNOME Day. Fortunately in Finland are people like Carlos who has the good will to allow that Fernando comes to share some days with us.

After trying to get some help from Nokia in Chile to contact press and media i know that this effort will be done by us, alone. So that’s not a big problem, just i’ll add this task to our To Do list, i’m confident that we can prepare a good Press Release and bring some journalist to the conference. Let’s see what happens.

Reminder: Today, 22:30 Pm Third Coordination Meeting at #gnome-chile

3 Responses to “Nokia, only for mobiles phones in Chile”

  1. lecaros Says:

    Nokia, connecting _people_
    GNOME is _people_


  2. fsmw Says:

    Yep, i guess that some here forget that, but nevermind, is just a local mess, Nokia is really helping GNOME those days.

  3. jci Says:

    Where’s everyone? I just got a little late and nobody was there :B

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