Long time without blogging

November 10, 2007

Yes, long time since i write my last post on my blog, what could i say, is just that i’ve been very busy with my life, work and family, so when i was desiring to write a new post i didn’t find the energy and time to do it. It seems that i’m very good reading blogs and feeds, but very bad working with mine.

Anyway, there is a really good reason to blog today, well may be some very good reasons, let’s check it:

  • After one year since we start with Traza there are some really nice news about it, first one is that i’ve been accepted as project leader at CORFO, so now we can apply to public funds from this government department. This instance is very important for us, cause we have been developing this software on our spare time, but now we are facing the chance to get some money, and new users and customers for the project, would be cool to get new developers too. Also to have CORFO behind you is a very good advantage when you talk about technology to managers or customers. So there’s a good chance to develop new applications based on GNOME for our small and medium companies in Chile.
  • Today i found this message in my inbox: N810 maemo submission accepted, COOL, yes i know, i’ll have this wonderful gadget to play an so, but we want to use it to implement some features in our projects, for sample we need to develop some data functions in PDA or smartphone, but our software will be developed over maemo platform, since we use mainly python and pygtk to develop won’t be too hard to migrate them to maemo. At last i did some little hacks at GUADEC and they work very good.

So it seems that good things are coming together, is a really good luck to have the chance to get a N810, since people from CORFO are asking for the mobile feature in Traza.

This month is pretty busy, next week we’ll have a nice event at UA, GNOME Chile will be there :-), also my son Francisco and I will be on birthday this month.

I’m happy to write about good news, and not my usual rants ;-)