Interesting 3D Desktop Metaphor by the guys

I’m probably the last to see the
BumpTop 3D desktop metaphor, a project based at the University of Toronto. They are modeling user interactions with an actual destkop, in a 3D graphical environment, things like interactions with objects, spacial organization, etc. The
video demonstrates some very interesting and rather sophisticated interactions. I look forward to the day when we all have our own

Up a creek with a paddle

Brush Creek in the Southern Sierras was calling, and I needed a sanity check. Some times you just have to get out of the office. It’s nearly a 12 hour drive from Utah, but worth every minute of it. Not to mention that you are forced to drive through Vegas to get there.

Nothing gets you away from the computer like some freshly melted snow and a little gravity. Not to mention the beauty of granite and some much needed warm weather.

We also ran into the WE THE 2005 Bus Tour at the local hot springs. They travel around the US in a bus that runs on vegetable oil. Apparently they stop off at Chinese restaurants and fill up on their used oil. Seems like a cool way to help save our planet.