OpenSolaris and GNOME Project days at

3:37 pm Conference, GNOME, OpenSolaris

Just got to this morning to join in the fun during the OpenSolaris and GNOME project days there. Everyone’s pumped up about the conference and you can hear the din of people’s horns acknowledging that right across town. It promises to be a pretty excellent conference. I’m giving a talk this morning on The Secret diary of an OpenSolaris Hacker, aged 13 and 3/4 at 10am. I’ll be stepping through some of the development processes involved in contributing to the project, and helping explain how you can raise your profile in the community based on your contributions. Come join us!

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  1. Juri Pakaste Says:

    Not The Very Secret Diary[1], however? I could see that. “Day 3. Patch killed by maintainers. Stupid maintainers.”

    [1] seems to be a URL that works at the moment