LCA 2010 – Call for Miniconfs now open!

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We just announced the Call for Miniconfs for LCA 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand next year! Miniconfs are an excellent way of having a full day of great sessions for a specific topic – examples of previous miniconfs are Debian, MythTV and of course near and dear to my own heart, GNOME.

For LCA 2010, we will have twelve Miniconfs over the course of 2 days, 6 per day. While you wait for the call for papers to open later this month, start your braincells and Submit a Miniconf Proposal! Read the announcement for more details.

OpenSolaris at CommunityOne

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The first travel of the year for me with Sun, with a trip over to CommunityOne and JavaOne. Of course OpenSolaris will be there, with a great line up of activities, and lots of fun parties to help celebrate the release of OpenSolaris 2009.06. Come join us and hang out!

Software Freedom Day 08 – Wellington needs sponsors!

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As time draws closer to Software Freedom Day, there’s still plenty of opportunity to register for the event.

More importantly, this event couldn’t be run without the support of sponsors. Unlimited Potential, CWA New Media, NZOSS, SuperHappyDevHouse, WellyLug, Catalyst IT and Sun have all kindly stepped forward to help in some way, but unfortunately we still need some more financial support to help run this event and provide food to our hungry barcampers and hackers! If you know of someone who would be interested, please send them my way to (glynn . foster @ sun . com).

Missing out on the Fun

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Unfortunately no GUADEC for me this year. Hope everyone going has an uberly awesome time. Can’t wait to see the belly dancing videos that come out of this year, and I’ll certainly miss catching up with a whole bunch of friends.

Lead up to May Release

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The year is flying. Really flying. Not only has NZ changed clocks screwing up my Google calendar settings once again, but I’m just over a week out to flying over to the OpenSolaris Developer Summit, starting a full month of travel. Jesse is continuing to rock in organizing the summit, and by the line up of rock stars attending, the event should be a real treat. If you haven’t made your arrangements and are in the area, do please attend – we’d love you to be there! I’m really looking forward to hanging out with all the people I met last year, and the few new faces that will be there too.

We’re also co-ordinating the summit with the first meeting of the OpenSolaris Governing Board. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with jbeck, alanc, jimgris, webmink and plocher, and Michelle is keep us all in line as the OGB Secretary this year. We’ve had some incredibly productive calls so far, and will be nice to catch up over dinner on Friday night right before the summit. We’ll also be hosting an OGB Townhall at 15:45-17:00 on Saturday – if you have anything you’d like to bring up, email, or log a bug against the OGB category.

No sooner is the developer summit over, then Jesse is going to wrap us all in a bus and take us up to San Francisco to attend CommunityOne – it’s free to attend, and has a pretty cool line up of talks. I’ll be taking part in a “Operating System Community Panel” with Bacon, Brockmeier and Wade from Ubuntu, OpenSuSE and Fedora moderated by the charming Barton George. The event is free to attend, so you too can come along and throw tomatoes at us. I’ve heard rumours there’ll be an OpenSolaris party that evening too – bonus!

One day later, it’ll be into the JavaOne week and I’ve signed up to be a booth baby at the OpenSolaris stand, dropping into SecondLife, and hopefully getting to attend some of the keynote sessions. College students can attend free this year. Come by the stand and say hi.

Then it’s most definitely vacation with Jayne around SF, Spain and Italy. Woo!

OpenSolaris and GNOME Project days at

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Just got to this morning to join in the fun during the OpenSolaris and GNOME project days there. Everyone’s pumped up about the conference and you can hear the din of people’s horns acknowledging that right across town. It promises to be a pretty excellent conference. I’m giving a talk this morning on The Secret diary of an OpenSolaris Hacker, aged 13 and 3/4 at 10am. I’ll be stepping through some of the development processes involved in contributing to the project, and helping explain how you can raise your profile in the community based on your contributions. Come join us!

Digital Future Summit

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Day 2 at the Digital Summit. Hasn’t quite had the same fizz as yesterday morning, but enjoyable nonetheless. Didn’t think Cullen was half as good as Cunliffe. As usual, there’s some random babbling notes from today too.

Digital Future Summit

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I’m attending the Digital Future Summit up in Auckland today and tomorrow. While not quite as interactive as I’d like (and seriously, there’s a lot of paper materials for a digital summit), it’s been a pretty fascinating set of speakers. I’ve been uploading a set of random babbling notes from time to time.