I don’t kill !

September 1, 2007


Waiting for a full Gnome blog, i made an endorsment on the subject of Gnome Scan blog. Just to post lyrics of a song from Nerf Herder. This is about Miguel problem with vegetarianism :

« I don’t kill and I don’t murder
And I don’t eat meat
And I don’t eat vegetables, no no no

‘Cause I only eat candy »

You got the answer ! Stop kills the vegetable ! 😀


I’m glad to say you all that’s due to the great work of Sebastien Bacher, the Gnome Scan project entered Ubuntu Edgy/Universe component ! The project is splitted in quite 13 packages, including a meta package that install all flegita components.

The SVN version has some bugfixes not available in the 0.2.3 release. I intend to come back in to the development process in the next week and fulfill all the goals targeted for Gnome 2.18. I wish Gnome Scan to be uploaded as often as the rest of the Gnome project, in Ubuntu and other distro (especially Fedora, SuSE and Forsight).


Home Found

August 26, 2006

Hello all,

GnomeScan found Home at Gna!. See http://gna.org/projects/gnomescan :). I import current source in SVN repos, but that don’t build. I’ll try to commit only buildable sources later. In fact libgnomescan and tools/gnomescan-test builds. Not the leavings part of the project.

I intend to move to Gnome SVN as soons as possible. I also intend to create flegita distinct project as soon as the dbus service is running.