Hi all,

Some of you may be disappointed by that, but i don’t. Gnome Scan won’t be added in Gnmoe 2.18. Strong objections from Vincent Untz were non-Gnome hosting (which is my primary goal since Gnome SVN migration). The real objections are : Gnome Scan is far too immature for release. I expect huge and deep changes (API break, features, etc.). Following the Gnome schedule is too restrictive for Gnome Scan which is still at early stage. So keeping Gnome Scan out of Gnome schedule allow a more active development for Gnome Scan.

See the Gnome Scan inclusion proposal at desktop-devel-list.

Happy new year !

So nice that the only one app i submit has been selected to take part of the Google Summer of Code 2006. Thanks to Google.

My project is a librarized Gnome xsane replacement. I do not intend to replace xsane because xsane is multiplateforme, maintained and full-featured.

This project is dual headed : in one hand Gnome needs a real scan Api, in the other hand we needs great interface integrated in the desktop. To address thos goals, i will build the following targets :

  • A library for scan access
  • A library for scan widgets
  • A capplet to configure devices

Once the Gnome scan infrastructure is done, we will be able to easily produce good UI. For this SoC i intend to write :

  • A simple standalone app
  • A Gimp plugin
  • An Abiword plugin
  • gthumb patch to add album import feature

I create the GnomeScanning wiki page that gather all information and thoughts on that problem. I posted a call for comment at gnome-devel mailing list. Any comment are very very welcome.