May 27, 2004

D’oh. Somehow I lost my sharecheck debit card in the last coupla days. I probably dropped it after getting gas. :-(

I had to call and report it lost. They’re going to send me a new one, which is scheduled to arrive somewhere between the 2nd and 5th. I’m moving on the 1st, though, so that’s pretty sucky, indeed.


Of course I’m going to need access to my account when I move to pay for things like food, hotel, apartment deposit and rent, rental car, etc, so I may just withdrawl it all and carry cash. I’m going to be getting a boston bank account when I get there, so it was going to get withdrawn eventually anyway.

ah well.

Spent the morning working on a file parser I’m coding for GTK+ a Linux widget toolkit. I started on it some time ago, but school pulled me away from it (a couple times actually). People were poking me about it today, so I figured I’d get back into it. It’s definitely a fun project.