June 26, 2004

Okay so it’s been a long while since I posted. ummm, I guess it’s cause I still don’t have internet at home. Hopefully, the DSL modem will be arriving in the mail any day now.

So, my job rocks. My coworkers rock, my boss rocks, my work is quite fun, and it’s just all around a great thing. I like New Hampshire/Massachusetts a lot, too. A few things I’ve noticed tho:

– There is a dunkin donuts at /EVERY/ gas station, and most grocery stores (not that I eat a lot of donuts).

– There is at least one Mom-and-Pop pizzaria in almost every single strip mall and shopping center (and I love pizza, yay!)

– All the little towns in Massachusetts have roads that lead to all the neighboring towns and those roads are named after the town they go to.

– The street signs very rarely tell you the street you are on–only the intersecting streets.

– The street you are on can change names at any time (and if you want to stay on the same street name, then you sometimes have to make turns).

– The asian food is better (?!) here than in Hawai`i

– All the bars and clubs have to stop serving drinks at 1:30am (Some remnant Purtian hold-over law).

– Goth is much bigger here than in Hawai`i.

Okay, so those are my observations. Now the particulars of current events…

I had a date planned with a very attractive female today, named Schenley, but that got pushed off til Wednesday (bleh). If I had to describe her, I think I’d say she 1) is very liberal 2) likes being her own self 3) values people that like being their own selves 4) is smart in the awake-and-aware sort of sense, 5) and is a small bit insecure (possibly a side effect of 2). Oddly enough, one of her friends, Jay, is a lead computer programmer for a famous company named Numega that wrote most crackers favorite windows debugger, and another one of her friends, Valerie, was studying to be a computer programmer in college (and Valerie’s brother and dad are both computer programmers).

In other news, I’m going to be having a bbq with some of my coworkers tomorrow–just a few of them, though. Most everyone else is in Europe right now, attending a GNOME conference. One of my coworkers who didn’t go to the conference, Rik van Riel, is going to be bringing some sugarcane vodka to the bbq, which sounds interesting. Of course, next week is going to be very interesting because the office which normally has like more than 50 people in it or something, will only have less than half that (I think).

Okay, let’s see….hmmm. Oh my apartment is completly awesome. It is a one bedroom, 800 square feet, and it is on a beautiful estate (88 acres in all). The place has two pools, several tennis courts, basketball courts, a health club, and massive amounts of parking, which is nice. It’s also close to the biggest retail district I’ve ever seen, and there is no tax in New Hampshire, so it’s sorta the shopping mecca for everyone from neighboring states. The only thing that my apartment is really missing is a bed, but I think that I will wait a while on that. I have this unbelievably comfortable and cool looking softa that has a queen sized sleeper bed hidden inside it which seems to be fine for me.

Okay, not sure what else to write, so I’ll just post more later.

I need to register my car. I was given a temporary 20-day, cardboard license plate, which has now expired and also deformed from the rain that happens every week or so. I’m going to do it first thing monday morning.