July 14, 2004

Nothing much new to report. I went into boston with some of the Red Hat crew the other night. We walked around looking for a place to eat and finally landed at a Tex/Mex restaurant where I ordered a Mexican import beer called Sol and chicken fajitas. They only gave me 4 tortillas (which I guess is pretty typical), but I didn’t budget the first 3 well, so I had a massive amount of food left for the last one. I suppose I could have just quietly eaten my last fajita and then finished the remaining fill of black beans, rice, lettuce, peppers and chicken with my fork, but I didn’t.
No, I saw a challenge that I had to take head on. So, instead I decided to fill my last remaining tortilla to its absolute limits. I had it so full that I couldn’t even close it all the way. Luckily, (and to the great amusement of the people I was with) I managed to get the thing into my mouth enough to take a bite after a sufficient amount of manuevering, wiggling and squeezing.

And then we’re walking out of the restaurant some time later and we walk past this sign:

Now, you’ve got to wonder, “What happened before that sign was put up?” :-)

So after the meal we went and got ice cream at the same place I got the fudge on a previous weekend and then we went to a local tavern and ordered some drinks and chatted for a while. Toward the end, Nalin (a coworker) and I were both almost exactly half way through the drinks in front of us (he had a screwdriver, I had a vodka w/ cranberry) and so we decided to race. *Jug* *Jug* *Jug* *Spill* *Jug* *Jug* *Jug*. Damn Nalin beat me by a second and I got cranberry juice on my new shirt. ah well (spot remover got the stain out later).

We’re wondering where to go next, when we remembered that a lady walked up to us and handed us fliers for a club/bar called “Coyote Ugly” (presumably a knock off from the movie) earlier that day. So it’s on “Friend St” and that’s a fair distance away. We decide to go anyway, even though none of us had ever been to friend street before and we weren’t exactly sure how to get there.

On our way there a cute, but typsy girl walks up to me and tells me that she really likes my hat (the red fedora that I always wear), so we’re walking and talking for a while and she’s wearing my hat and then I eventually ask her if she knows where “Coyote Ugly” is and she says that she thinks it’s a couple miles in the direction opposite the way we were walking, she then points out there is a hooters in front of us though as an alternative. This was a bit interesting, because 1) hooters is more of a restaurant than a club/bar 2) It was late and hooters was closed and 3) someone from the group I came with (they were following behind me and the drunk chick) pointed out that there was a big sign for “Coyote Ugly” right next to the Hooters.

At any rate, we didn’t end up going in. Some of the guys in the group didn’t want to pay the cover, because it was way too crowded and they would have to leave soon anyway, because the T trains were shutting down within the next hour and half or so.

In other news, I got my license plates in the mail today: