August 13, 2004

Well, I guess I’ll update again.

Let’s see… Last friday I saw a movie. I don’t remember what movie though. Before the movie I ate at an Italian restaraunt that I can’t remember the name of. I do remember the waiter was named Hugo. What was really interesting, though, was the table at the restaurant came with crayons and a paper table cloth. I spent most of the night creating a truly delightful scribbly mess next to someone who could really draw. My drawing looked so bad next the nice drawing, I decided I would just start doing random things to my drawing in a last ditch effort to salvage the image as abstract art…didn’t work. When it was all said and done with, my drawing had so much wax on it that it waterproofed the paper.

After the movie, at about 1am or so, we all went down to Nalin’s apartment in Saugus and fun’d for the night. On my way there I picked up some ice cream and frozen fruits, which we used to make beer floats and smoothies respectively. So we drank, and played Dance, Dance Revolution, and threw juggling balls at each other until about 6am or so, and then we went to IHOP for some breakfast.

After that, I crashed for the day and then in the evening time we went to a rowdy bar called Dicks, where the waitresses put hats with obscenities on your head and just be all around rude (it’s all in good fun mind you). By the end of the night the table had gone to war with each other in an all out paper and ice throwing fight. A friend of mine that I have been too flirty with recently, was wearing my fedora and keeping me stocked with plenty of ammo as I assaulted Nalin. Actually, most of the table attacked Nalin and he did a really good job of blocking the onslaught. Also, a chick from another table was downing shot glasses off perversely named mixed drinks off John’s … uhhh … lap.

Umm, on Monday I went to a concert with a couple of friends to see Alanis Morrisette and Bare Naked Ladies. I bought an overpriced tube of glowing color while there and spun it around a bunch to make really neat, semi-transparent discs in the night sky. It was expensive, but as some chick behind me pointed out to me, it was still cheaper than the beer I was drinking. The concert was actually a lot more fun than I anticipated. By the end of it, the Bare Naked Ladies were dancing around, synchronized with shopping carts.

umm on Wednesday (I think) I went over to Chris’s house and did the hookah thing again (my second time). Less luck making smoke rings this time. I also watched a funny movie that I can’t remember anything about right now strangely enough, and went dangerously overboard with the flirting with the friend.

I decided to work from home today in an effort to be more productive. It didn’t work. I got less done than I probably would have at the office. Oh well. I’ll just make it up this weekend. I guess one of the advantages of having a job I love is, I don’t mind doing it on my days off when needed!

But now, i’m going to go pick up a pizza and head to Chris’s house to play doom 3.