August 28, 2004

Well the last couple of weeks have been very fun.

The girl I mentioned previously, Mo, was an intern at Red Hat, but grad school was starting back up for her, so she had to move back to New York, which sorta sucks a lot. Yet, despite the fact that she moved back to New York last week, I saw her everyday except for yesterday last week. That’s right, she was either driving to my apartment in Nashua or from my apartment to New York everyday last week but yesterday. It was possible because this first week at her University was orientation (not classes) and so her schedule was really open.

Here’s a couple of pics of her:

She’s a very talented individual who is very skilled in Linux, Human Computer Interaction, artistic things, and Hello Kitty.

Let’s see, different topics….

I love Indian food. I eat it far too much now in fact. It doesn’t help that there is an Indian market store right down the street, and an insanely good Indian Restaurant a few miles away.

ummm…here’s a picture of me after my hair cut..kinda a junk picture though, cause my hair is wet and messy and i’m sorta unshaven…

Ummm, what else… I can’t really remember what’s happened lately.

Oh, car trouble…So Mo got a flat the other day (this was the night before the last day of her internship, the thursday night before last thursday), and she didn’t want to drive on the spare very much, so we parked her car and I drove her to work the next day. The plan was that I would drive her to her car after work and we would go down to a tire shop and get it replaced. The next day it rained hard….very, very hard, and when we got into my car after work and tried to start it–nothing. Just click…click…click… So we called a tow truck and had it towed to an auto shop down the road. Preliminary analysis suggested it was the starter that had gone bad. They were really busy though, and they are kind far away from where I live so the mechanic spent a few minutes to see if he could get it started so we could take it somewhere else more near my apartment. Sure enough, after about 100 turns of the key he got the thing to start! Damn, I just paid 60 bucks for towing. Ah well, at least it started.

So the plan was, I’d take Mo to her car, we’d pick it up and take both cars to the same shop near my apartment. Her’s was just a flat tire, so we’d get it back later that night, and mine would need a starter replaced, so it was going to have to stay into the weekend.

It didn’t turn out that way, however. Her bearings were bad, too, so it had to stay at the shop like my car. We just walked the mile or so to my apartment and on the way stopped at blockbuster to rent some videos. We crashed and in the morning we walked back to the auto center (it’s part of Sears actually) and guess what? My starter wasn’t bad at all, just a wire that went bad–presumably because of the harsh, harsh rain. What a weird twist of events, uh?