Linux is not about choice

January 9, 2008

So I came across a really interesting mailing list post by ajax today. He’s totally right and it’s refreshing to see…

2 Responses to “Linux is not about choice”

  1. Thanks for pointing this post out, I thought I was the only person that thought the choice mantra was daft.

  2. Maxo Says:

    His analogy is way off. Linux is not about choice because there are lots of distros. It is about choice because it is open source. Just like OSI is about choice and the IBM SNA technology is about vendor lock-in.
    When open-source is fully embraced it enables developers to offer consumers better choice. For example, if I use .odf I have a myriad of office suites I can use to open and edit the document. If I choose .doc I have only one (Microsoft Word is the only program that fully implements .doc properly.) The open nature of .odf has allowed developers to give me greater choice.

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