gnome-power-manager and gnome session icon bug

gnome-power-manager shows a GtkStatusIcon of the battery state. When gnome-power-manager is launched from gnome-session at login time, the icon is not shown on the panel, even though the icon name is set and it’s set visible. It isn’t shown even doing by setting the filename icon again and doing gtk_status_icon_set_visible() several seconds after starting. gtk_status_icon_is_embedded() is always false.

If I do “killall gnome-power-manager”, gnome-session respawns the binary (because of X-GNOME-AutoRestart) and the icon shows correctly. It also starts correctly if you launch it manually from gnome-terminal.

Even if I remove the X-GNOME-Autostart-Phase=Panel (so that it starts as an application, well after the panel is formed) it still doesn’t show.

If you’ve got any tips on how to debug this I would appreciate it. I’m out of ideas. Thanks.