GNOME 3 and “The Network Control Panel”

This week, I’ve spent a bit of time working on a network panel for the new control center. The old network settings configuration dialog allowed you to do everything to anything, and most users (myself included) only touched a fraction of one percent of the functionality, and the complexity of other other controls made the UI very difficult and unintuative to use.

In the design research we’ve looked at what other OS’s do, such as Meego, OSX, etc and have started working on some design mockups. The network control panel will probably change quite a lot in GNOME 3 from what I’m showing here, based on user feedback and designers doing proper mockups. So, onto the interesting bit:

Wired connection
Wireless connection
Mobile broadband connection
Proxy settings

It’s all work in progress, and comments welcome. It’s using NetworkManager as a backend. Woot.