colord progress – ghostscript done

One of the best parts of working at Red Hat is that you are encouraged to do things properly, even if they take a long time. I guess the logic is that if you’re going to be supporting the code in RHEL for years and years, then it pays to do it the right way, and not use some evil hack that’s going to break for a customer at some inopportune time.

As some of you might know, I’ve been hacking on colord for a few months (at the same time as PackageKit, upower and GNOME3!) and am now starting to get some upstream progress. To fix color management when printing, we really need to integrate with quite a few layers. This afternoon I rewrote pstoraster and pdftoraster into gstoraster, and added the required hooks to get the ICC profile from colord. I’ve still got to do the same for foomatic-rip, and then that’s the “query” side of the problem finished.

The next part, is to finish the work done by Tim Waugh, so that CUPS registers devices and embedded profiles with colord. With all the patches in place, it basically means that making a printer color managed becomes trivial.

Thanks go to Till Kamppeter for reviewing the different iterations of the ghostscript filter code patch, and initially pointing me in the right direction. Now I’ll brave CUPS upstream and try to get the other patch accepted there.

This is probably all a bit late for GNOME 3 and Fedora 15, but you can be sure that GNOME 3.2 and Fedora 16 will look consistently beautiful across all different types of devices. If you are feeling brave and want to try it out, try the “icc” branch of cups, the “colord” branch of gnome-color-manager, and the recently released colord 0.1.3.

Is GNOME 3 going to melt your laptop?

In GNOME 3.0, we’re defaulting to suspending the computer when the user shuts the lid, and not providing any preferences combobox to change this. This is what the UI designers for GNOME 3.0 want, and is probably a step in the right direction. We really can’t keep working around bugs in the kernel with extra UI controls.

This will upset people who are docked or using a laptop for a presentation with a projector. Worry not! If you have more than one active screen connected to the machine, then we’re going to just disable the internal screen and not suspend until the second screen is removed.

This will upset some macbook owners if they connect a projector and then shut the lid. Some macbook laptops overheat when the lid is closed and not suspended, leaving the owner with a hot white glooopy mess when they finish their presentation. This is something we can do something about, but I need the help of the community to work out what makes and models need to be blacklisted.

If you own a laptop that gets very hot and starts to smell like hot plastic if you shut the lid without suspending, please send me the output of dmidecode and I’ll add the entry into upower. Thanks.

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