gnome-color-manager and profiles

GNOME Color Manager has shown 2D CIE 1931 plots for a couple of years now, but as all color savvy people know, a gamut is a 3D object, and a 2D slice can be horribly inaccurate and misleading sometimes.

To fix this, I worked for a couple of hours at the weekend to produce a 3D gamut graph using clutter:

It’s then a simple case of clicking and dragging on the hull to rotate it. Long term, there will be a way to compare the different device gamuts, but I’ve not worked out a good way to show this in the UI.

To accomplish the new plot I’ve reused a lot of the math from icc_gamin, and a lot of the setup code from the viewer example program for mash, and also used a lot of the cleverness in clutter-gtk.

To play with the new toy, you’ll need to install clutter-gtk and mash, and be building gnome-color-manager from git master.

Dear distribution packagers

The soon to be released gnome-color-manager 3.1.1 (unstable) will have a hard dependency on colord. Please could distribution people start making packages for colord and including them in your distributions development channel now please. I’ve done an example .spec file if that helps.

At the moment, upstream ghostscript and foomatic already use the DBus interface of colord, but this is a soft dependency. If colord is not present, they both use the non-color-managed code. If you have a spiffy distro that has a “suggests” or “recommended” attribute available for packages, it’s probably a good idea to add that for foomatic and ghostscript-cups.


GNOME Control Panel: Network Status

Matthias and I have been working on the network panel for a large chunk of this week, now we have NetworkManager 0.9:

Quite a lot of stuff works, but there is lots more to do. If you’re using odd connection types like WIMAX, we would appreciate any help testing. At the moment, editing the low level connection details is done in nm-connection-editor, but we’ll roll this functionality into the panel for 3.2. I’ve upset the translators enough already.

If you’re testing, ensure you also rebuild NetworkManager and network-manager-applet using jhbuild.

colord progress, 2/3

Till has just merged my foomatic patch upstream that adds colord support. This means we now have ghostscript and foomatic support for colord, and I just need my CUPS patch committed to make everything magically work. I’m going to backport all my patches into Fedora next week, although hopefully in a few months we’ll have new releases of all the projects.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.

undefined symbol: cupsArrayNew3

Just in case anyone else happens to stumble on this random error message when building CUPS locally:

./cupsd: symbol lookup error: ./cupsd: undefined symbol: cupsArrayNew3

Just remember to do make install before you try running cupsd.