LGM 2011

2011 was my first LGM. Random points of note:

  • Huge thanks go to the LGM organizers for sponsoring my flight to and from London.
  • James Shubin was a superb host, and I really thank him for letting me crash at his flat for the week and eat his food. He’s a cool dude.
  • Meeting up with Kai-Uwe, Peter and the other guys was really great and the OpenICC BOF was a real highlight of the week — lots of thing are coming together now. Lots of color dudes all in the same place. The only people missing that I wanted to buy beer were Marti, Chris and Graeme. Hopefully next year.
  • Most of the talks were of a very high quality and interesting.
  • Most of the people at LGM were developers of one kind of another, although I did expect a mix of devs and users like at FOSDEM. I’m not sure if a mix would have been better.
  • I’m sure colord is stronger as a project from the feedback I’ve received. I’ve certainly swapped contact details with a few people and hopefully some interesting conversations will happen in the next few weeks.
  • I think my colord talk went well, although in retrospect it was perhaps a little too technical for the audience. I also talked pretty quickly to try to condense 1h of verbage into 30 mins. Apologies to the translation booth.
  • Montreal is a cool place that seems less American than America and less French than France. It’s hopefully a place I’ll return to in the future.
  • Poutine is really tasty, in a artery clogging, heart-attack inducing kind of way.
  • I hope LGM is in Europe next year; I hate long flights. Either way, I’ll be there.