Building GNOME For Fedora 17

At the moment the GNOME updates in Fedora are a bit of chaotic affair. They mostly work, but only because of people like Matthias who spend hours and hours building packages and putting everything together manually.

For 3.3.92 I experimented doing a mega-bodhi-update and trying to get all the 3.3.92 builds in one place, and working with other people on a google spreadsheet to make sure everything was built in good time, and nothing was left behind.

For the GNOME 3.4.0 release, I’m asking people to copy this pattern, and try to get all the builds into *one* update rather than 90% of the builds in one mega-update and then 10% in random updates that other people have filed. If this works, I’m intending to do the 3.4.1 update as one update as well.

TL;DR. If you’re packaging a GNOME package that’s just had a 3.3.92 upstream release and is about to have a 3.4.0 release, please build the package like normal, but don’t file an update. Instead add the build ID to the spreadsheet and then I’ll pick up the build for the mega update for F17. Hopefully this makes the updates system easier to QA, as GNOME is more and more interconnected, and it’ just not possible to QA updates when you have a 3.3.91 version of gnome-settings-daemon and 3.4.1 version of gnome-screenshot.