Color management in GNOME 3.8

I’ve spent a few hours each day for the last couple of weeks writing code to support the new mockups done by Allan for display calibration. This involved two pretty big patches, one for a reworked color panel in the control center, and one for the colord-session native calibration I blogged about a few weeks ago.

I’m glad to say this landed upstream yesterday after review by Bastien, and now people are trying it out and finding niggles which I’ve been busily fixing.

There are lots of nice features which required adding quite a few new properties to colord, the daemon which makes all this UI possible. colord now knows (from the kernel) if a device is internal, and can’t be removed. This allows us to make a few of the translations much better. We’ve also got the ability to “turn off” color management for a device, which is persistent between reboots. We can also remove profiles automatically added by colord (using metadata information) which is also stored in a database.

To test this, you currently need colord, gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center from git master, although we’ll be doing some tarball releases in the next few days.